Development History

In 1980 ballooning in Europe and flourished as a sport and a good business. In the former Soviet Union at that time were painful "labor pains". An example is our Kazakhstan, which came second, after Lithuania. But what efforts?!

In 1988. vice. Head of Search and Rescue Air Force Lt. Col. Valery walk, who served in Hungary, was received by his brother, Gennady from Almaty. At a meeting on the occasion of the arrival in Budapest novice businessman G. walk met the master of parachuting Pavlov, addicted to hot-air balloons and paragliders. Gennady immediately saw great potential for development of aeronautics in Kazakhstan. Immediately discussed the issues of cooperation with the Hungarians. Hungarian producers balloons to assess the benefits of the Asian market, given pause even to organize a branch factory in Almaty. But everyone understood the complexity of the challenges of the time the closed Soviet Union. However, the "trump card" has appeared: the Medeo held an international competition for the speedway, which was attended by many countries around the world. If you raise the hot-air balloon, it will be a tremendous publicity to the whole world to master the ball and their manufacturers. But as from Hungary to deliver bulk cargo and even with foreign staff in a time when there might and main fire raged national movement and complete detachment from the socialist camp? However, everything turned out. And then on Medeo Kazakhs have personally seen a modern hot-air balloon, on many television channels around the world were demonstrated by application to aeronautics from Kazakhstan.

Those who now continues to organize flights, certainly understand what was the first to do it. To develop sport, tourism, manufacture their bottles and then sell them abroad, it was necessary to prepare a certified flight and maintenance staff, to create a strong financial, technical and legislative framework. All this required a huge investment. Hungary agreed to prepare a 3-pilots. Themselves, they took the accommodation, meals, training and missions. The remaining expenditures went to G. Pogulyaeva. In addition to future pilots - Kazakhs, Yutmana, Kosyakova and Vesnina in Hungary came sportscaster Omar Diaz and the cameraman who shot a wonderful film to train pilots.

On all matters of flight theory and practice were consulted with military and civilian aviation experts. They themselves took part in flying. At the same time revealed many problems. Talking about them on the 1 st inaugural conference on aeronautics, which was held in Almaty in 1989. Then established the Union of Soviet aeronautics. It was necessary to decide the priorities of the formation of aeronautics. Were discussed on the use of airspace, the need for amending the basic documents governing the flying practice, instructions on flight operations in the zones and regions. The difficulty was that the competence of the amendment at that time belonged to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Having left at least 1,000 trained pilots with very good equipment, but having the legal framework and licensing system, pilots are left to sit in a basket on the ground. That is what happened. In mid-1989. balloon flights are banned. It was necessary at the level of the Kazakh government to prove its legitimacy.

In February of 1990. held in Almaty-Union Scientific and Practical Conference. Specialists from Sverdlovsk showed his gun. Muscovites brought first in the USSR with his own hands manufactured shell. Served design engineers, offering to manufacture airships, etc. Was organized by the balloon flight with the conference participants. As the passenger was a Hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut Coast. That he was instrumental in the signing of the air-so-necessary documents. Some years the balls were flying over the capital of Kazakhstan, yet again not been requested by the new paper.

Among the prominent Kazakh pilots aeronaut can be attributed Zagainova Victor Aleksandrovich Litvinov, Mikhail Nikolayevich, and many other sports for which the ballooning was not just a fad, and the meaning of life.

In September 1991, in Ryl'sk passed the first and last championship of the USSR on aeronautics, Zagainov VA, as part of the most experienced navigator and pilot, TA Litvinov, MN, became the first champion of the USSR on aeronautics. In the same year the Soviet Union collapsed, so Victor Zagainov was the only to receive this title.

No less desperately showed the result at the championships and our other athlete Litvinov, MN, besides Michael, in 2000 made an unprecedented flight to Kyrgyzstan. The crew, consisting of an experienced pilot and navigator had the air of more than 5 hours, at a height exceeding the ceiling of hot air balloon and landed safely on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul. This flight truly is a record, no one has dared to repeat the like. But the life of an experienced pilot hot air balloons and aeronautical engineering mechanics was interrupted due to illness, and transferred in February 2005, he was gone. ... ... ... ... ... ...

There are many more athletes Kazakhstanis tried to raise the profile of Kazakhstan in international competitions and championships. It is no secret that the aeronautics involved either very wealthy or the athletes that use the tools of their sponsors through the placement and construction firm shells of hot air balloons. Currently, many students continue the work of their instructors, and I must say that ballooning Kazakhstan again slowly reviving. At this point in the registry RK registered only 5 hot air balloons:

UP LA 106

UP LA 105

UP LA 116

UP LA 146

UP LA 148

But increasingly, people are interested in hot air ballooning, and that not least, interested in aeronautics as a sport. At the last championships, our athletes have shown good results and is currently balloonists have great potential to achieve the top places and are ready to compete for the title.


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